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Money & Milk$hakes™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential financial literacy education to help empower high school seniors and college-aged students.

Money & Milk$hakes™ is shaking up the world of financial literacy education for high schoolers and young adults. We are dedicated to equipping emerging minds with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure their financial success.

Understanding the basics of personal finance is invaluable in helping young people achieve financial goals and build a strong financial foundation for their futures.

Decisions about money are inevitable in life – period! Having the practical knowledge and tools to navigate inevitable financial decisions and avoid painful and costly mistakes is vital for those just starting their life journey.


Mission, disguised as


Learning about money doesn’t have to be painful and boring. Money & Milk$hakes™ makes financial education engaging, approachable, and fun with practical, real-world applications that young people can relate to.

Through interactive activities, group discussions and real-life case studies, young people can gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence proven to build long-term financial stability and success.



As a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) with 20 years experience as a successful business owner, personal investor, and financial educator, she has has made it her mission to help others achieve financial freedom.

Having established a proven track record of success, Zabrina is dedicated to sharing the fundamentals of her success with others.

Her approach is centered on the belief that anyone can achieve financial success, regardless of their background or where they start. She emphasizes the importance of financial education, starting early, and long-term thinking. Zabrina has a gift for breaking down seemingly daunting topics into easy-to-understand language. She focuses on providing actionable strategies that can be applied in the real world.

As the owner of ZNS, Inc., she has over 20 years experience in accounting, business consultation, and tax preparation powering the small businesses that drive the creative industry in Los Angeles. She graduated with degrees in Business and Spanish and started her career serving some of Hollywood’s biggest names in tax, accounting and contract management roles. She quickly found out she had a passion for entrepreneurship and investing and has never looked back.

Zabrina Schultz, CFEI®, EA

“Powerful money mindsets are often ingrained in childhood. I know first hand that our default financial mindset does not have to define what is possible for our lives.”
– Zabrina Schultz